GALIRUMI specific objectives:

O1: Integrate Galileo receiver

O2: Improved weed detection

O3: Construct prototype electrocuting robot

O4: Construct prototype laser-based defoliating robot

O5: Software for robot navigation and mission planning and control

O6: Field-test robots in operational environment

O7: evaluate business models: robot-for-purchase and robot-as-a-service

GALIRUMI will significantly reduce:

Manual labour for weeding

Weed management cost

Damage to grassland from the application of herbicide

Impact of dairy farming on the environment

Dairy cow discomfort

Benefits from GALILEO adoption

  • GALILEO differentiators (multiple frequencies with modern modulations) enable robust navigation for autonomous agricultural robots even in locations where other GNSS do not work sufficiently well.
  • GALIRUMI benefits from GALILEO adoption:
      • Better resilience to multipath due to more robust modulations, appropriate for scenarios without a clear vision of the sky due to near obstacles.
      • An improvement of the availability of satellites in sight when used in combination with other GNSS constellations.
      • Sub-metric position accuracy using E1+E5 (AltBOC) frequency bands without RTK corrections.
  • Upcoming GALILEO improvements:
      • High Accuracy Service (HAS):
        • <20 cm accuracy without using RTK corrections
        • Expected by 2021-2023
      • OS Navigation Message Authentication (OS-NMA):
        • Authentication of navigation data -> resilience to spoofing
        • Expected by 2020-2022

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